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Gravity Jump 2019 : it's a free game. Gravity Jump is easy to learn falling ball. But addictively like to play. Simple controls just slide the fingers right and left for the helix rotation and jump of the ball. There are many levels based on a carefully designed physical system in endless mode and more than 500 levels in arcade mode. HOW TO PLAY: Playing Gravity Jump is simple. You put a finger on the screen and move it left to right to rotate the helixa structure. You don’t move the ball that is on the screen, just the platforms that rotate around a central pole. Move the platforms so the ball falls through openings. It can bounce on the platforms, but you cannot bounce on the red. Score more points by going through multiple openings at once. If you go through three or more, you can land on a red platform spot as it will break the platform. If you die, you can watch an ad to keep going. Thew ad lasts about 5 seconds at least and you cannot skip it. You can only revive once per turn. Gravity Jump is safe for kids to play.

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